The ultimate guide to the nomadic lifestyle

Never has the opportunity for a truly global nomadic lifestyle been more accessible to so many. Internet technology and the increasing portability of communication and remote work devices means that you can live in the remotest areas of the remotest country, and still be in a position to log on and earn your living.

Though a nomadic lifestyle evokes an overall sense of freedom, and living life without boundaries and border, the truth is actually that it needs to be much more planned and organized. Even if living in small caravans rather than luxury hotels, travelling light and eating street food, you still need to budget and maintain a steady income stream (unless of course you are fortunate enough to have unlimited inherited wealth!)

If you are looking to escape the rat race and give wings to your long nurtured sense of adventure, our checklist below will help guide you several steps closer towards achieving that dream.

Set out your monthly spending obligations

Be realistic – how much do you calculate that you will need to have in your bank account to live relatively comfortably – then increase it by 10-20 per cent. As a lone traveler, chances are you can live pretty simply depending on your personal tastes. But the whole purpose of a nomadic lifestyle is that you have the freedom and flexibility to move on whenever you want.

You can be creative when seeking accommodation options. For example, there are organisations set up which match people with homeowner and their pets, seeking housesitterswho are willing to look after their pets and homes for limited periods of time. This gives you the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, living for free in other people’ properties, and having the joy of a four legged friend to keep you company. And you have none of the responsibility!

Establish your income streams

Once you have established what you feel is a reasonable and realistic amount to live on, you then need to make sure that you have a steady stream of income to cover those costs. It may be that you already work remotely for your existing employer, in which case you can make the case for continuing to work remotely, simply from different countries and in different time zones.

Alternatively, depending on your particular profession, you can tap into existing networks of remote working opportunities. Freelance sites such as Upwork and Fiverr give you the opportunity to take your work with you wherever you are, and take care of all payment details so that you don’t have to spend anytime sending and chasing up invoices.

Roam with respect

It goes without saying that when you are travelling through different countries, you must be mindful of the different cultures and expectations that may be required of you. Make sure you roam with respect, learn and adapt to the local customers. Understand their accepted rules of etiquette and follow them wherever necessary. You may not do them properly, but they will respect the fact that you are making an effort to immerse yourself into their own way of doing things.

By being willing to make a bit of a fool of yourself, you will find that the locals are much more engaging with you, and willing to absorb you into their lives. This way your interactions will be deeper and more meaningful.

Be mindful too of the environmental effects that your nomadic lifestyle may be having on the local community. Try to travel leaving as little of a footprint as possible. Throw away any waste responsibly. Support local businesses by eating in independent local restaurants rather than global branded outlets. Volunteer with local environmental groups in initiatives such as litter picking and protecting local habitats.

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