Smart Home Technology Trends

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at adding smart home technology into your space, or you’re wanting to dip your toes in for the first time, smart technology is here to stay. We have compiled our top picks for smart home technology trends in 2023 so you can be sure your space doesn’t fall behind the times.

Adding smart technology into your home can make life more convenient, and it also can help boost your sale price if you’re considering listing your property. Integrating smart devices can help you sell fast so you will be heading to the closing table in no time.

If you’re thinking about listing your home for sale in 2023, we recommend interviewing trusted real estate agents so you can be sure to get top dollar for your home.



The first smart home technology trend we think is essential to upgrade your space is integration. Having smart technology in your home has become more than just a simple luxury or way to show off to your friends and family; rather it’s an essential expectation (for buyers and homeowners alike).

What does integration mean? It means your multiple smart devices are communicating with each other to offer a seamless smart experience. An example of integration is your smart fridge communicating with your grocery list on your smart speaker that you’re running low on eggs. These devices are working together to give you a more convenient and seamless way of life.

Smart thermostat

The next smart home technology trend is one that has been widely accepted by most homeowners and that is smart thermostats. Even the least tech-savvy homeowners are opting for the smart option as they can help you save significantly on energy bills, and are typically easy to install and navigate.

According to data gathered by the Environmental Protection Agency, smart thermostats that meet Energy Star criteria save users an average of eight percent on utility bills.

Smart sweat

Next on our trending smart home technology is a smart workout and fitness devices. Thanks to the pandemic closing more traditional gyms, it catapulted smart home fitness devices into popularity. Post-pandemic we are still seeing these devices being used and loved by homeowners. Some popular smart home fitness devices to consider are:

  • Lululemon Mirror
  • Peloton stationary bike and Peloton Guide
  • Hydrow Rower
  • Tonal wall-mounted screen
  • Tempo Studio

Smart home security

The final smart home technology trend we anticipate is here to stay is smart home security systems. These devices often connect to your smartphone to send you alerts if there is any suspicious business going on around your home.

Depending on the system you decide to use, there are varying features offered. Some are monitored by professionals to take the burden off the homeowner, while others allow the homeowner to control their space from afar.

An example would be seeing your pet caretaker ringing your doorbell and unlocking the door for them while you’re away. Or, seeing an intruder attempting to enter your property without your permission, and sounding an alarm from your smartphone device.

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