List Of Offline Business Startup Ideas In India 2023

Offline Business Startup. Today we have brought you lists of offline business startups that you can start even with less investment. These days there is a lot of discussion about online business, and some of them still want to do offline business, so today this article is for them. Finding the best small business idea to start a business in India is not that difficult and we have a lot of home business ideas that we can start.

Offline Business Startup

Lists Of Offline Business Startup Ideas In India

Below is a list of some offline business startups suggested by entrepreneurs themselves and all these businesses can be started with low investment, check them out:

1. Bakery Business

It is one of the biggest businesses in India as the processing industry is contributing 32% of the total food industry. You must be aware while searching for a good location for your startup. It will require 1000 sq ft space with 2-floor division. You will need proper licenses from food agencies and regularity bodies with NOC must be documented well. You can start your business through normal space with a 4 lakhs rupees investment.

2. Staffs And Security services Business

This business will give you the best idea as you just need to have some people who can solve daily life problems. Electricians, plumbers, the home staff, and many others are included in it. You can earn by organizing these people by providing them with a platform. Cleaners, plumbers, and cleaners can be arranged from rural areas at very affordable rates. You need to develop good relationships with corporates and other agencies requiring these services.

3. Tea-Breakfast Stall Business

India is the largest producer of tea so there is no disruption in supply. There is no alternative to tea from morning till office time and then people prefer to drink tea before sleeping. It needs maximum 60,000 rupees investment with minimum land space also with zero electricity connections. The best places for tea breakfast stalls are local markets, corporate offices, bus stands, railway stations, or anywhere in the city depending on the crowd.

4. Ice cream Parlor Business

Ice cream is one of the best things which we love the most. No such seasons are defined for not eating ice-creams. And if you start this business then it will be really profitable business for you. You need minimal staff, space, and equipment with no operational partner. All you need is 100-150 square meters. Land location (rented or owned), regular electricity connection, and approval from concerned authorities. You can earn (60,000 -200,000)/month excluding all operational expenses and tax deductions.

5. Food Truck Business

The food industry is one of the most famous all over the world. It can give you a profit of up to 200 to 300 percent. If you are interested in making food then you are really going to have the best profit from this field of business. You can select your location based on your location like a college institute, bus stand, school, hospital, etc. Take permission and approval in writing from the college authority. If your turnover is more than 12 lakhs annually then you have to take a license from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). Also, take NOC from the fire department.

6. Fitness/Yoga Center

These days, Indian are fitness conscious. They want to stay fit and be systematic with their exercises. A fitness/yoga center would be a profitable business venture for health enthusiasts. You just need to first give classes yoga or fitness to others in your own home and then place your business in a separate fitness center. This business will really run with less effort all you need is the full knowledge of fitness or yoga.

7. Dance or Music Academy

Dance and music are art and most of our youth and new generation used to focus on them. If you start your own academy then you will earn a lot after placing your business. All your needs are a complete knowledge of dance and music. And if you don’t have proper knowledge then you can hire some musicians and Dance teachers for such classes. You can record and share tutorials at your convenience and help others learn. Once you get into the groove, this creative business can move pretty quickly.

8. Gift Store

If you have a lot of money and you can invest up to 1 to 3 lakhs then this business is right for you. Having your own gift store will give you so much profit. Just invest money and buy some gift materials and sell them at your own price. Birthdays, Weddings, proposals, etc are some of the days for buying gifts and these days will give you profit enough.

9. Printing Shop

In this type of business, you just need to buy a printing machine and set it up in a separate room or in a rented room. People used to print their wedding cards, posters, etc and this will run your business. All you need is just buy those printing machines and have a separate room to place/set up them.

10. Event/Wedding Planner

If you are a perfect person for choosing and planning the best things then this business is for you. You don’t need any investment and you can run your business. You just need to be famous for your profession and people will automatically book you for their purpose of event planning. You can earn as event’s designs and time beauty.

11. Tuition Classes

It is also possible to build a business as a tutor. You can focus on a specific topic and focus on individual one-on-one sessions. Your neighbor’s children will start taking tuition and then they will grow up and hence you may also invest a little bit of money and you will start your own academy.

Final Words

Starting an offline business startup is not a big deal. Sometimes you need to invest money for a startup and sometimes you will not need to invest enough money. As we have mentioned above list of low-investment offline business startups, will really help you to progress in your life by growing your business. I hope you like them. Thanks!

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What does a person need to start a food truck?

 A person needs a van or a modified vehicle which he/she can own or get on rent and a chef or a cook who takes care of hygiene and cooks lip-smacking food.

Is there a need to train employees if I am going to start a bakery?

Yes, there is a need to train the employees of a bakery as the knowledge about bakery items and proportions required to make those items is crucial.

How can a business make money without investment?

Businesses make money through the value they provide. So, it is not necessary that a business without investment can not make money. Various easy business ideas can make money without investing, such as freelancing, consultancy, etc.

Which business is best without loss?

Every business you start with low or zero investment has no loss factor. There are many business ideas without loss, such as freelancing, editing, blogging, proofreading, dropshipping, teaching, etc. Since you do not need to make any investment (or a big investment) for these businesses, they are not a loss business.

How can I earn daily income?

Earning daily income requires doing a task or project-based business that you can complete in a day. You get paid as you complete the project. Various businesses will earn you daily income, such as Freelancing, Stock Market Trading, Consultancy, Writing, Dropshipping etc.

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