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In this brand-new edition, we present the inspiring success story of Gopika B. Raj and Swaroop Krishnan, the Co-Founders and CEOs of MYDESIGNATION, a rising but dependable player in the fashion industry. We decided to dedicate these two pages to their achievements because of their business acumen and leadership style, both of which are helping them take their idea even further.


As an independent online fashion retailer, MYDESIGNATION sets the manufacturing standards for its goods and sells them directly to the final consumers. The brand’s wide range of customers describe its products as having excellent quality and competitive prices. What is even more amazing is that MYDESIGNATION has carved its unique identity in its targeted domain only through persistent hard work, small-scale savings, and the committed efforts of a few passionate individuals—all without any large-scale funding and support from multi-level corporations. Expounding the level of commitment to their work,Gopika smilingly states,

The MYDESIGNATION company currently conducts business from its head offices in Trivandrum, Kerala, and Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, both of which are located in India.


In fact, as stated in a well-known proverb, a journey of at least a thousand miles begins with just one step.   MYDESIGNATION was imagined and conceptualized by a husband and wife team,  Mr. Gopika and Swaroop. Soon after completing their graduation, both of them endeavored to start a revolution across the fashion industry. Both of them set out to revolutionize the fashion industry soon after receiving their degrees. 

Thus, they had a modest but specific plan. Around the middle of 2017, a flea market in Kerala was organized, and they started selling there with just 100 T-shirts with graphic printing as their product. To their surprise, every T-shirt was sold hand-to-hand, and the demand for them gradually increased. steadily peaked. This was the “aha” moment when both founders realized they could use their offerings to have a massive impact because they had accomplished something incredible.


Mr. Swaroop asserts that they benefited from not facing fierce competition in the space because they were a niche company, which allowed them to stand out from their competitors and guarantee a leading-edge. Additionally, because they are a customer-centric brand, they constantly prioritize both customer retention and satisfaction. They have never put customer satisfaction ahead of profits..

“Profit never shook us, and that’s another key factor that helped us fight back every up and down in our journey so far. We maintain a personal relationship with every customer of ours and make sure they don’t have to face any sort of formalities or inconveniences when shopping from us. If there’s even 1% dissatisfaction for the customer regarding our service or product quality, we give them an instant 100% refund without any questions asked. This surely made us lose lots of profits, but we never lost a customer. We can confidently and proudly say that!”

The MYDESIGNATION company pays close attention to timely product delivery, and in the event of any delays, their team always lets the customers know up front. Small actions like these have a significant impact on customers’ mindsets, and MYDESIGNATION was aware of this; as a result, all of its customers remain loyal to the company. Whether it’s a dedicated order tracking system or a 3-level quality checking system, team MYDESIGNATION works tirelessly to give their goods and services substance. And easy pick-ups, free returns, and many other conveniences have spoiled their customers!!


The resounding success of MYDESIGNATION is a direct result of the tireless efforts of its team members, who work together as a family while being seamlessly effective and persistently diligent towards a common goal. It seems no one is hesitant to work in theAccording to the report, everyone is willing to handle the top security financial works and even clean the floor. co-founders, each team member was carefully hand-selected based on their creativity and level of commitment rather than on their credentials or academic performance.


A strong social media following can be a key differentiator for staying ahead in the fashion industry.  Even though the company never spends money on digital marketing tools, its Instagram page is crucial in helping it reach its intended audience. They occasionally work together on branding projects with Instagram influencers.

The brand has recently experienced proactive popularity across key social media platforms, as evidenced by its 25,000+ followers on Facebook and its 72,500+ followers on Instagram.


The term “boss” has never been a personal one for either of these luminaries. Instead, they are able to lead the workforce with respect and love thanks to their thought leadership. MYDESIGNATION Even their lack of hierarchy within their “family” explains it! With their motivating words, they unite everyone for any tedious task and encourage them to work toward a shared goal. Moreover, owing to the cordial work environment, any employee has the liberty to reach out to their cabin with any grievances or suggestions. 

In light of this, every employee has been given the freedom to schedule their shifts however they choose because a company’s success is directly correlated with its employees’ mental well-being. 


Despite being a start-up, MYDESIGNATION successfully handled the pandemic and saw a high ROI of almost 16x. It inaugurated its first physical location, and during these historic times, it experienced significant significance. In keeping with this, it plans to open additional stores in various parts of Kerala, and as a result, brand outlets will soon open in Kochi, Thrissur, and Calicut. By 2022, their awaited official app will also be launched, offering an array of exclusive features for a better customer experience.


If you are determined to lead your team to success, no matter how many difficult obstacles hit you, you will rise and lead your team again. A Lion leading a 100 sheep is any day stronger than a Sheep leading 100 Lions. Certificates and grades don’t alone matter; it’s our willpower and consistency that matter the most, and we were able to prove it through our sleepless years of hard work.

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