How a Temporary Phone Number in 2023 Can Be Useful

Today, most online services and sites ask for a cell phone number when carrying out the registration procedure. If you look at it from the perspective of preserving the personal data of the person, this approach seems very correct. Thus, it is possible to access a profile by performing two-factor authentication, a procedure that includes not only the entry of a password, but also a special code from the SMS sent.

Nevertheless, sometimes such situations become a problem. For example, if you need to have two accounts in the same social network, but only one phone number is available. In such situations, users resort to using temporary phone numbers to receive SMS. What it is and how it works, you’ll learn from our article today.


What is a temporary mobile number for receiving SMS?

A temporary mobile phone number for text is a cell phone number that you can use to receive text messages (SMS) for a certain period of time, usually not more than 20–30 minutes a day. These numbers are usually used for a variety of purposes, such as registering on websites or applications, confirming an account on social networks, getting a confirmation code for an online order, etc.

Temporary phone numbers for SMS are available through special services on the Internet, the so-called SMS verification services. They provide such numbers for a fee or free of charge. After using such a number you can delete it or stop using it, it can help you keep your privacy and avoid spam or unwanted messages to your personal phone.


In what situations can a temporary phone number be useful?

Temporary phone numbers can be used to create accounts for many purposes. For example:

Social media account promotion and recruitment. Temporary phone numbers are used to register thousands of bot accounts, which are used through special programs to fake activity on the accounts. They like and subscribe to accounts, leave comments, thus increasing the popularity of their profiles, etc.
Free posting of ads. Almost all known message boards allow you to post only one ad for free on one account. The temporary number is much cheaper than the price for a paid listing – therefore, it is more advantageous to register several accounts than to pay for the publication of, for example, 20–30 ads.
Multiple participation in promotions. Many companies offer great deals for new customers – for example, free shipping, discount on first order and others. If you use a temporary phone number you can participate in such actions almost forever. You should agree that it is profitable to spend a couple of cents to receive an SMS and get a 30% discount.
Restore access to content. If you are blocked by a website or social networking site, you can quickly create a new profile and regain access to the content thanks to this phone number.


Procedure for obtaining a temporary phone number

To create and connect, as mentioned above, all you need is access to the internet. If you have it, move on to the next step: selecting a site that provides such services. For example, one of the most famous services in the U.S. and Eastern Europe that allows activation via SMS is called SMS-man. It has a large telephone database consisting of mobile numbers from more than 180 countries.


Let’s see how to get a temporary phone number via SMS-man as an example:

1. Go to the registration page and create an account on
2. Log in to your account and top up your balance any way you like in the “Top up my balance” tab, which can be found in the menu on the left.
3. Once the funds have been credited, go to the home page, choose the country and service you want, then click “buy”.
4. The received number can be found on the main page in the request history. Use it to register with the selected service and wait for an SMS.
5. You can receive an SMS by clicking on the “Receive SMS” button to the right of the purchased number.
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