Cleaning the bathroom is a task that occurs in every household. In this article, we will show you that this can also be done in a time-saving manner and with just a few environmentally friendly home remedies. So you will have enough time to enjoy online casino Canada.

A clean bathroom is not only important because of hygiene, but the bathroom is also a place of relaxation and recreation. However, cleaning the bathroom regularly is often an unpleasant task that can cost a lot of time and energy. With a few simple tips and tricks, however, you can make bathroom cleaning more effective and contribute to sustainability at the same time. Here you will find some approaches and concrete tips to get your bathroom sparkling clean.


To clean the bathroom, a few home remedies are usually enough. This is not only easy on your wallet, but also on the environment. Many commercially available cleaning agents contain aggressive chemicals that can be harmful to both the environment and your health, according to the German Federal Environmental Agency.

Instead, opt for more environmentally friendly alternatives that are biodegradable. Natural home remedies like vinegar, citric acid and baking soda are effective cleaners that are environmentally friendly and inexpensive. 

When cleaning the bathroom, “less is more” also applies. So avoid the excessive use of cleaning agents. Often it is enough to use small amounts to achieve the desired result. Excess cleaning products are difficult to rinse off and can affect wastewater quality.

Disposable products for cleaning, such as paper towels or disposable rags, are not only a waste of resources, but also unnecessarily expensive in the long run. Instead, opt for reusable cleaning cloths made from cotton, linen or other natural fibers. It’s best to steer clear of microfiber cloth. They are reusable, but their components are predominantly based on petroleum, the extraction and processing of which is harmful to the environment and the climate. In addition, microplastics are released from the material during washing. A large part of it cannot be filtered out by sewage treatment plants, which is why it ends up in bodies of water.


Cleaning the bathroom does not have to take several hours. If you follow a few basic tips, you can also make the cleaning process more efficient:

Prepare properly: To save time and energy, it’s helpful to prepare the bathroom before actually cleaning it. Remove personal items, sort towels and clean surfaces of loose items. This will help you clean faster and more efficiently.

Clean efficiently: Work from top to bottom and back to front to clean efficiently. Start by dusting ceilings and removing cobwebs before focusing on surfaces, toilet, sink, bathtub and shower. Let cleaners sit for a few minutes to dissolve stubborn dirt and lime deposits before wiping them off.


With these tips, you can clean your bathroom in an even more resource-friendly way, for example, by saving water, packaging waste and fragrances:

  • Conserve water: When cleaning your bathroom, you can save water by being conscious of how you use the faucet. Turn off the faucet when you don’t need it while scrubbing surfaces or soaking cleaning products. If possible, capture the water that runs off and use it for other purposes, such as watering plants.
  • Sustainable disposal: Dispose of cleaning product packaging according to local regulations and make sure no harmful substances are released into the environment. If possible, make your own cleaners, choose products with recyclable packaging, or buy cleaners in bulk to reduce packaging waste.
  • Natural air fresheners: Avoid using chemical air fresheners, which can release harmful fragrances into the air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Instead, you can use natural air fresheners like soy-based scented candles, essential oils or fragrant plants like lavender or mint to add a pleasant scent to the bathroom.


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